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"Inspired by the grill...perfected in the kitchen"

Dude’s Masterblend Seasoning

Dude’s Masterblend is a unique mix of spices that compliments your dish, allowing the natural flavor to shine through, while adding a sensible balance of garlic, chili powder, salt, and other ingredients. This formula was developed in the early 2000’s and was originally called ‘Super Steak’ by family and friends. Over time, we learned that we weren’t the only ones using it on meats, vegetables, and snacks of all kinds. Our customers agree that it's the most versatile spice blend they've ever encountered. Some like a sprinkle, some like a shake, and others, well, they like to pour! Use it indoors or outdoors, on ANY kind of dish.
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Dude’s Chiliblend Seasoning

Our Dude's Chiliblend Seasoning is second to none for those who like a bit of heat, while being able to taste the natural flavor of your favorite foods. Although it makes a perfect 1-seasoning batch of chili from start to finish, this particular blend was developed for the everyday cook. Use it indoors or out, on almost anything edible! Give it a try, it's truly Dude's exciting younger brother!
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Superior Quality

Our spices are blended by a professional spice company that imports only the finest ingredients from all over the world. When our recipe was first blended professionally, we simply couldn’t believe that the exact recipe resulted in such amazing flavor profiles!

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Locally Owned Family Business

Midwest BBQ Creations is located in St. Louis County, just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. We are a family business with only two employees, four if we count the kids! Our products are located online and in small, locally owned businesses. If you would like to see our products in your local area, please email us at

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Shhhh...They're telling you the secret to great cooking!


"Tried it last weekend on some pork and chicken I smoked! It was the bomb! Adds just the right flavor to make you want more! Veggies smoked and Dude..... Wow Dude, Dude is great... will be getting more!"

Curt W., Findlay, IL


"I grew up with my mom using Lawry's Seasoning Salt, and of course before I knew anything about BBQ I used it too. Today I consider myself well rounded BBQ cook. Paul gave me a bottle to try a year ago and it didn't take long for the bottle to get empty. The Dude's Masterblend is the best, I've used it on pork butt (my personal favorite), brisket, burgers, chicken, lamb, fish, and popcorn. I just threw out the Lawry's bottle."

Frank R., Manchester, MO


"Paul and his team catered our subdivision block party year after year. It was the hottest party in town. We were well over a hundred strong each year. Paul and Frank and Tom would work tirelessly smoking the meat to perfection. The taste was sensational. We always wondered what the secret spices were. That question seemed to come up so much, "What do you guys put on the Brisket or the pulled pork or the wings or the chicken thighs??" Well now I know!!...Dudes Masterblend!! Now I can actually buy it. Amazing stuff!!!"

Matt W., St. Peters, MO


"Me and my family use Dudes Masterblend on nearly everything... it is the most versatile spice in my cupboard.... we use it on everything we barbecue plus eggs, macaroni and cheese, popcorn, and cottage cheese just to name a few. It's rumored that a spicy version is in the works and we can't wait!"

Laura R., Paducah, KY


“Received a sample of Dudes Masterblend and used on an 8 lb pork shoulder. Smoked it for 10 hours and it turned out great! The flavor was great and I had lots of compliments. My goal was to take a picture of the finished product but it was consumed by 15 people (6 kids) in one night! Looking forward to using my "secret ingredient" more often!”

 Ryan W., Bozeman, MT


"Wanted to thank you again for the BBQ spices you sent. Been using them for lots of dishes and wanted to give you follow up. The mix is excellent!  I've used it on pork, turkey, chicken, fish and veggies. All were delicious. My favorite was on chicken. I used on my outdoor Weber as well as indoors in the oven and broiler. I usually marinate overnight but even putting it on at the last minute just before cooking is fine. At first on tasting it directly I thought it was too salty but after cooking it is not at all excessively salty. Once or twice I added habanero or other hot spice as nothing is ever too hot for me! Thanks again. Would definitely purchase it and I look forward to your next creations!"

Barton C., Chapel Hill, NC


"I broiled steelhead trout with Dude's Masterblend, it was superb!"

Judy E., Ballwin, MO


"There's an ice storm in St. Louis right now, so I'm stuck inside with my husband and our two kids. To make being closed in more bearable, I went with a super easy baked chicken thigh recipe, and spiced it with Dude's Masterblend. It was fantastic! Even the picky two year old ate it--and she doesn't eat much. Excellent work Midwest BBQ Creations."

Winter H., St. Louis, MO


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