Our family likes nothing more than to BBQ and eat good food. It all started many years ago when three amigos named Paul, Frank, and Tom decided that we need to pull our resources together and build an amazing 1500 pound smoker (captured in the Dude's Masterblend logo). After many weekends of procurement, planning, cutting, grinding, and welding, the smoker was born. Although we spent many weekends at barbecue competitions in Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas, it didn’t take us long to figure out that private parties were more profitable! The smoker, our spices, and recipes have found their way into these states, as well as Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, and Arizona. Goodness, by now, they could be everywhere!


The Three Amigos and The Smoker Build, Circa 2006

Frank, Paul, and Tom (Dude)

Our products are dedicated to the memory our brother Thomas John Stobbe, one of the three amigos. He was one really cool dude, and we had the great honor of knowing him, enjoying his ‘go big or go home’ attitude, and appreciating the softer side when the kids were small. There isn’t a day that we don’t think of him and we hope he’s in heaven smiling and wondering if Dude’s spices will be all over the country someday. Thanks dude.

Meet the Team

Paul and Susan

Paul and Susan Reed

Paul and Susan are both pharmacists by trade, and maybe, just maybe, that’s what helped us to develop our signature blend that led to the eventual incorporation of this company. We love family, great BBQ, and of all things, to play ice hockey!

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