The Meats!

Dude's Masterblend is an amazing addition to meats of all kinds. Primarily used as a dry rub or sprinkle, you will notice that it tastes differently depending on the specific protein. It's amazing on steaks (with a little extra coarse salt to taste), burgers, brats, sausage, bacon (yes, bacon), smoked sausage, chicken, pork steaks, baby back ribs, and just about anything else. You have flavors that you like already, but that's fine too. So do we. Dude's Masterblend has been developed to be very versatile. For steaks, add a little extra sea salt just before grilling. For ribs, use as a dry rub, brush with your favorite BBQ sauce about 1 hour before serving and just before you take the ribs off the grill, sprinkle a little extra Dude's Masterblend on top before serving. The flavor will POP just as your family and friends take the first bite!

The Vegetables!

Dude's Masterblend takes plain vegetables to a new level. Used sparingly, of course, Masterblend adds character to any vegetable dish without overpowering the natural flavor. We have personally sautéed (butter or olive oil), steamed, and grilled our vegetable creations and even the kids don't complain! Try a sprinkle on mashed potatoes, french fries, pub chips, asparagus, fried potatoes and onions, squash, broccoli...the list goes on and on!


Dude's Masterblend is just the thing to add to your favorite snacks, and it will keep your family and friends absolutely puzzled and coming back for more! Add to sour cream (to taste) and you have a unique vegetable or chip dip that nobody else can replicate. A sprinkle on mac-n-cheese, popcorn, pizza, snack mix, and pretzels. Folks from Indiana to Kentucky, from Arizona to Manhattan have been sprinkling this little bit of magic on this and that for years!

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